In India, they believe that turmeric is a source of youth. It is applied to the entire body, from the top to toe. The western beauty industry also keeps up with trends and actively studies this ingredient and opens new useful properties in it. Let’s examine what secrets are hidden in this spice.

We used to add turmeric in food. How can it be useful for the skin?

Expert: This spice contains an important vegetable component – curcumin, which has powerful and skin-friendly properties. It reduces skin inflammation and stops microbes. That’s why it is an important ingredient in any cosmetic composition for problem skin. It is also useful for dry skin: it gives elasticity, helps to get rid of dryness and peeling. Also, turmeric contains fatty acids, flavonoids, and essential oils.

Turmeric is called “the source of youth.” Does it have outstanding anti-age properties?

Expert: Yes, because of curcumin. This component – a powerful antioxidant: even in small doses, it significantly reduces the damaging effect of free radicals on skin cells, and this slows down the aging process. If you regularly use cosmetics with turmeric, you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Is curcumin the main thing in turmeric?

Expert: Of course not. Scientists are still learning it. An important discovery about this spice was recently made by experts from the team of Professor Iva Pume, a specialist in skin cell biology, assistant professor of the medical faculty at the University of Namur. They proved that the molecule of turmeric restores the ability of skin cells to “communicate” with each other. Turmeric protects lipid rafts – parts of cells membrane, which are responsible for “communication” between them. It leads to an improvement in many processes in the skin: elasticity and moistening are increased, wrinkles are reduced, and the pores become less noticeable.

Who exactly is forbidden to use turmeric?

Expert: There are no restrictions to use it. However, curcumin has a warming effect. So if you have light and sensitive skin, use this product cautiously. Start with a small amount and observe your body’s reaction.

3 cosmetical tools with turmeric

  1. Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask, Dr. Andrew Weil for origins 
  2. Turmeric & Cranberry seed energizing radiance masque Kiel’s
  3. Skin Salve №57, Bobbi Brown