Simple things that everyone needs to know

We do not want to frighten anyone, so, first of all, we must say – modern cosmetic products are safe. It undergoes a research and a testing before entering the market, so do not treat each cream bank as a potential enemy that can damage your health. Yes, there are cases of allergy, but they predominantly depend on the individual characteristics of the skin. It is impossible to foresee, how the organism will react to any component. But if you know the symptoms of allergies and recognize the ingredients to which a reaction may appear, you can simply prevent harmful consequences.

How to recognize an allergy?

If you use a new cosmetic product and observe some changes on the skin, this does not mean that you are allergic. Some of such products can cause temporary acne or redness at the beginning of use. This can happen if you abruptly begin to use natural cosmetics or use a product with acids the first time. Doctors and cosmetologists warn that such an option is possible. Usually, it all works itself out in a couple of weeks. But if the process is delayed or you are very concerned about such a reaction, it is better not to visit the doctor.
An allergic reaction to cosmetics is most often manifested in the form of contact dermatitis, which can appear in a few days or even weeks after using the product. The place where you apply cosmetics can begin to itch, become red, irritated and dry – and no matter how much you apply the moisturizing cream, this dryness does not disappear. It happens that there is an allergic rash (but not every rash is a symptom of allergy).

How to treat skin allergy?

There are no difficulties – you need to stop using the cosmetic tool that triggered the reaction. As a rule, the skin returns to normal condition without any help. For the time of recovery, daily using of cosmetics should be reduced to the minimum. But it’s not as ordinary as it looks. It happens that it is difficult for a person to determine what kind of remedy caused the allergy. If there are several “suspects,” test each on the elbow bend – the allergen is likely to cause irritation in this area.

If you cannot understand what cosmetics cause symptoms for a long time, go to the doctor!

Is it possible to predict the appearance of an allergy before using the product?

As we have already said, it is difficult to predict the reaction of an organism to a particular product. Usually, the allergy does not even cause by ingredients, but by the flavors. Therefore, if you are afraid of allergic reactions, it is better to choose cosmetics without fragrances and chemical preservatives. But a natural cosmetic product is not a panacea: essential oils and extracts of nuts, for example, can cause dermatitis even in severe forms. The inscription “hypoallergenic” on the label does not give 100% of guarantee, as well. The best option is to visit the doctor, to do a test and to identify the specific things that trigger allergic reactions and then to avoid these ingredients in cosmetics. And new products should be tested on a small area of ​​the skin first, and then applied to the face.