Curly locks require close attention and special care. Due to its structure curly hair is more dry than straight, it absorbs moisture worse and tends to break down. Sometimes it is really difficult to select the correct hair product for them.

If you have curly and fluffy hair and cannot decide on which electric hair straightening brush will fit you, we have some advice for you.

Here is a review on best of the best electric brushes we’ve already tested.

Ceramic Straightening Brush by Instyler

Instyler has a digital LED screen that shows preferred temperature. It has seven heat settings and heats up from 330˚F to 450˚F, so it is suitable even for the thickest hair. This tool has ionic bristles that protect the roots from burning and damaging. The device has swivel cord and a head massage function. It is a pity, Instyler doesn’t have a temperature lock to prevent an accidental change of the heat level.

Electric Hair Brush by Asavea

Asavea makes perfectly smooth hair and does not reduce volume at the same time. It is also safe and easy to use. This straightening tool has six temperature options for all hair types. The maximum heating temperature is 365˚F, and the current level of heat is shown on the LED screen. But this brush does not straight hair ends very good and works only with 110V.

Dafni Brush Straightener

This magic device heats up to the highest temperature in 15 seconds and straightens hair faster than all flat irons! It fits all hair types. Its ceramic surface prevents the scalp from burning and straighten hair from the roots to the tips. You don’t need to divide it into sections — you can just brush it like with a regular comb, and your hair won’t get tangled. The only minus – it is not dual-voltage.

Hair Straightening Brush by Luma

This tool is very fast in use – you can make a beautiful hairstyle in 5 minutes with it. Ceramic surface protects the health of hair from damaging and reduces static electricity. It also has an anti-scald design and a failure mode which will turn the heaters off in case of a system error. There is a minus of this brush – it does not work great on short hair.

Detangler Straightener by Head Kandy

Brush, a straightening tool, and a massager – it is an all in one tool. This device is lightweight; it weighs only 1,1 pounds. It has an anti-scald function. The maximum heating temperature is 450℉, so the brush fits any hair type. It is also dual-voltage and easy to clean. Tourmaline heated plates protect a skin from burns as well. There is one disadvantage of this brush – if you have thick and curly hair, it takes quite a long to straighten it entirely, and you also should put some heat protectant on it.

Sutra Heated Hair Brush

This brush has unique bristles which prevent burning and make hair healthier. You can quickly straighten hair in less than 10 minutes without much effort. The maximum temperature of a straightener is 450˚F. Using this device isn’t time-consuming at all, so it’s suitable even for women whose locks are hard to manage. Sutra brush warms up pretty quickly, and it also has an auto shut off.

LCD Electric Brush by FemJolie

With its rounded bristles, it perfectly massages a scalp. The ceramic surface of this hair brush straightener heats up to 450℉ in less than a minute and quickly makes a hairstyle of your dream. You do not need to section your hair, just comb and you will get an entirely smooth hair. Its bristles’ tips are too hot, but the brush comes with the pair of gloves that protect from burning.

Apalus Hair Straightener

This hair styling tool has three temperature levels, and the selected temperature is shown on a LED screen. It takes less than a minute to heat up to 450℉. This device is dual-voltage, and it has a head massage function. The tool has special bristles which protect skin from burning. Comparing to its analogs the Apalus brush is a little heavy, it weighs 1,4 pounds.

ProCabello Ceramic Straightener

The tool has a moisturizing and antibacterial technology, which make hair healthier and prevent it from damaging while using the brush. This heated straightener comb gives you smooth and shiny locks in a matter of minutes. The ceramic surface and rubber bristles protect you from burning as you’re using the tool. You can easily select the temperature option you need on a LED screen. The temperature range is broad – from 180°F to 450°F.

Electric Hair Straightening Brush by AceVivi

This innovational brush protects hair from burning, and straighten your locks from the very roots to the ends. The maximum temperature of this device is 450℉ and it can heat up in less than 90 seconds and the level of heat is shown on the LCD. You do not need to put any stylish products because its ceramic surface already has all necessary components on it. AceVivi reduces split ends as well. Its temperature lock maintains the constant temperature during the whole process of using the brush. But to turn the power button off, you have to hold it down for a while; it is the only minus.

Electric hairbrush straightener is the newest and truly amazing product, created specifically for curly-haired women. With this revolutionary and professional comb for styling, you can straighten your hair in just 5 minutes! It works better and faster than traditional straightening irons, which heats up long, badly straighten and only damage your hair.

If you want not only straight but also healthy hair, a straightening brush is the best choice for you. It doesn’t damage hair so much and doesn’t lessen its volume, so it is much better than flat irons.

Find the best one and use it! We hope that our review will help you with it.

Reviewed by Monica Devis